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My 50 book challenge list )
This rec list is a work in progress fic’s will be added as and when they are found keep checking back for updates. This rec list is based on fic’s I’ve enjoyed and I feel should be shared with everyone. Feel free to comment and let me know of any you think I’ve missed and should be on the list. I’m new to the fandom so any help would be greatly accepted and appreciated.

Updated: 30/12/09

Rated G

Sentiment by [ profile] smutjunkie
Watson can’t sleep. Takes place directly after the events of the latest film.

Bromance by Anonymous @ [ profile] sherlockkink
Prompt: "I think the word bromance is so passé. We are two men who happen to be roommates who wrestle a lot and share a bed." - Robert Downey Jr.

Untitled by Anonymous @ [ profile] sherlockkink
Irene/Holmes, Watson/Holmes
Why Dr. Watson and Ms. Adler will always regard one another as rivals.

His Fingers by Anonymous @ [ profile] sherlockkink
watson/holmes: Watson's observance of Holmes' long slender fingers

Rated PG

Methods of Seduction by [ profile] braceface_freak
"You've never questioned my methods before."

Nearly Noon by [ profile] typhon_9
Getting Sherlock Holmes out of bed is far more difficult that it should be.

Treatises on Several Periods of Time in the Life of Sherlock Holmes by [ profile] bacon_fiend
Many things can happen even in the smallest amount of time.

A Dark and Stormy Night by [ profile] shay_renoylds
Sherlock sometimes doesn't really understand science. And Watson has to suffer the consequences.

all we can do is keep breathing by [ profile] aestheticized
"you do realize you don't actually live here anymore."

Silencer by [ profile] robotsdance
There are nights when Holmes needs Watson more than others.

untitled by [ profile] old_blueeyes
Holmes/Watson; Fist-fight

LE GLOVES by Anonymous @ [ profile] sherlockkink

untitled by Anonymous @ [ profile] sherlockkink
Holmes/Watson -- They're undercover on a case. In order to maintain their disguise, they wind up having to fool around/pretend to be lovers/ANYTHING ALONG THOSE LINES.

Rated PG13

Fragments of a Unreal Night by [ profile] saint_uto
It does not matter how brilliant his mind is, because at the end of the day, it will not stop Watson from leaving.

Christmas Flummery by [ profile] random_nexus

Buddy Breathing by Anonymous @ [ profile] sherlockkink
Holmes/Watson Buddy-breathing. Whatever combination.

Untitled by Anonymous @ [ profile] sherlockkink
Watson dragging Holmes away from the boxing ring post-fight to some corner away from the crowd to make out.

Rated R
untitled Part 1 - Part 2 by [ profile] katenator
Holmes begging for it

Untitled by Anonymous @ [ profile] sherlockkink
Holmes uses his inventive genius to invent the vibrator! what a good use of his time/talents. and he needs to find a test subject coughWATSONcough

First-Name Basis, Part 1/2 - First-Name Basis, Part 2/2 by Anonymous @ [ profile] sherlockkink
First name!kink, because boy do I have one for these two.
Y'know what I mean, the only time Watson can get Holmes to call him John. Take it whichever way you like!

Rated NC17

Duet For Violin by [ profile] sanguineheroine
Written for a request at [ profile] sherlockkink for Violin!Sex, and in the 'two birds with one stone' spirit, an earlier request at [ profile] cox_and_co

A Little Vanilla is Good for the Soul by [ profile] toestastegood
With anyone other than Watson, Holmes would have long since grown bored of such conventional activities.

discombobulate (or the unnatural gay shenanigans of sherlock holmes and his dear watson) by [ profile] lastling
in which sherlock holmes pines
watson gets married (eventually)
and holmes makes a prediction that is utterly destroyed by watson.

A Talent for Violence by [ profile] estas_absentis
A short PWP set somewhere in the first 35 minutes of the film.

Under The Desk by [ profile] somniesperus
The bare facts are that Holmes thinks Watson is snubbing him for some reason, but Watson is planning a surprise for Holmes.

untitled by Anonymous @ [ profile] sherlockkink
Watson topping the shit out of Holmes in a very angsty, violent, needy, bloody way.
And much stress on the 'bloody' part.

Untitled by Anonymous @ [ profile] sherlockkink
Holmes/Watson, or even Holmes/Multiple
I think that Holmes really, really likes to suck cock. Don't you?

Untitled by Anonymous @ [ profile] sherlockkink
Sex pollen. C'mon, with all those chemicals he had dabbled with in the movie, one of them's bound to have an interesting side-effect.

untitled Part 1 - untitled Part 2 by Anonymous @ [ profile] sherlockkink
Holmes/Watson; hurt/comfort with a side of sex?
Something that deals closely with Mary's death (some book spoiler, idk if it's needed but just in case...). Not too soon after, though?... captcha is "that eruption". clearly it approves.

Untitled by Anonymous @ [ profile] sherlockkink
Holmes/Watson; bathtub!sex.


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